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Dave Halpern is a licensed Realtor in the Commonwealth  of Kentucky with Keller Williams Realty Louisville East.Keller Williams  Realty Louisville East is not affiliated with We Buy Houses Cash, LLC.
Dave Halpern is a real estate professional. We are not lawyers, or tax advisors.
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You don't have to lose your home to foreclosure, EVEN if you are behind on payments. EVEN if you are already in foreclosure. EVEN if there is already an auction date set up for your home.

Foreclosure and our Short Sale solution:

Sometimes, financial hardship hits. It happens to good people, it happens to people in all neighborhoods and in all price ranges, and it happens to people who never thought they would be in your situation. 

All too often when people fall behind on payments they think there is no way out, and they will have to lose their home to foreclosure. You may be getting foreclosure letters, there may even be an auction date.  You may think there is no other alternative. But the truth is that you don't have to lose your home to foreclosure. You can still sell your home, save your credit, walk away debt free, and put this all behind you.

You may have heard of something called a short sale. Your lender may have told you to find a Realtor who specializes in Short Sales.
  • A short sale is when your lender/bank allows you to sell your home for LESS than what you owe, and the bank will forgive the remainder of your debt.  Why would the bank allow this? Foreclosures are a lot of work for the bank, and they are very expensive. If you sell your home for a price that the bank agrees to, they will lose less than they would if they had to go through the entire foreclosure process.

What's the benefit of a short sale to you, the seller?
  • You sell your house instead of lose it to foreclosure.
  • While a short sale can still impact credit, it is less hurtful than a foreclosure. 
  • In most cases, you walk away debt free for any any debt that was previously tied to your home (liens, mortgages, etc.)
  • The short sale process takes less time than foreclosures, meaning you can put this behind you quicker and move on to rebuilding your credit.

Where do we come in?
  • We negotiate short sales in the Louisville Kentucky area! We list and negotiate short sales all over Louisville - East End, South End, Jefferson County, Bullitt County, Oldham County, Shelby County, Spencer County, Nelson County.
  • Your lender pays our commission and your closing costs. If you need a short sale and are facing foreclosure, you most likely don’t have money for commissions and closing costs. Your lender wants to avoid the risk and cost of foreclosure, therefore they pay all your closing costs for you.
  • We specialize in short sales.  It is what we work on every day, all day. 
  • Over the last 14 years we have helped hundreds of families avoid or stop foreclosure right here in Louisville, KY.  We have successfully completed dozens of short sales just this past year. 
  • How do we help you? We negotiate with the banks on your behalf and strive to get the banks to forgive any remaining debt not covered by the selling price.  This isn't a simple process, but as experts, we have proven that it can be done by doing it many times.
  • We have successfully negotiated short sales with a wide array of lenders and banks.  National lenders, and local lenders, lien holders and judgment holders.
  • We can negotiate pretty much any debt related to your home. First mortgages, second mortgages, liens, credit card judgments, tax liens, city violation liens, and more... we can still help!
  • Short sales work in all areas, in all price ranges! 
  • A lot of times people think that we won't be able to help if they live in an expensive house.  That's not true - we short sale houses in all areas.
  • We short sale houses in their as-is condition. You don't have to worry about taking the time or the money to fix up the home.
  • We want to help you move on as fast as possible.
  • Dave Halpern is a licensed Realtor in the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 1995, and a member of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors. If you need to sell your house even if it has an “upside down” or under water mortgage, can help! Remember, the bank pays your closing costs and real estate commissions.
  • CALL TODAY TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU - (502) 895-3100

Is this gauranteed?
  • We cannot guarantee a short sale will work, but we can tell you that we have had many, many successful short sale closings.
  • This isn't something we made up - it is real!  You can call your bank/lender and ask them about a short sale.  A lot of banks even recommend that their sellers look for a Realtor who specializes in short sales to help them avoid foreclosure. 
  • We have proven that we can help many people avoid foreclosure through short sales.  Call us today to see if we can help you, too!
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