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Dave Halpern is a licensed Realtor in the Commonwealth  of Kentucky with Keller Williams Realty Louisville East.Keller Williams  Realty Louisville East is not affiliated with We Buy Houses Cash, LLC.
Dave Halpern is a real estate professional. We are not lawyers, or tax advisors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we often get from our sellers. Please give us a call at any time to discuss any of these items, or any other questions.

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Dave Halpern

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Who is We Buy Houses Cash, LLC?
My name is Dave Halpern, and I am a local real estate agent right here in Louisville Kentucky. I am a licensed Realtor, and we have been helping families in Louisville for over a decade.  We specialize in helping people stop or avoid foreclosure. Please call me to sell if I can help you too!

Are you local?
Yes, we are right here in Louisville, KY! We are experts at real estate, and especially in short sales.

Can you help me even if I am already in foreclosure?
We often help people in the foreclosure process. We have helped sellers avoid foreclosure whether they just recently fell behind on payments, or were so far behind that the foreclosure auction had already been schedules. Whether you are current and anticipating falling behind, or 2 years behind, please call me at (502) 895-3100. You may think it sounds impossible, but it isn't. Please call us to see if we can help you, or fill out the information form to the right.

Can you help me even if I owe more than the house is worth?
Through our short sale solution, we have bought many houses even when the sellers owed more than the house was worth.  We can list and sell your house for less than you owe, and negotiate with your bank to have them accept an offer short of the payoff.  In most cases your lender will waive the right to collect on the deficiency and they forgive the remainder of the debt! We can't gaurantee this for everyone, but we have successfuly helped many people stop or avoid foreclosure through our short sales.  Please call us or submit the information form to see if we can help you.

I need to sell my home FAST. How fast can you get the short sale process done?
We will put your house on the market immediately. The short sale process takes several months. The banks work slowly. But while we are working on the short sale you may remain in the house if you would like to. Call us to tell us more about your situation and to see how we can help you.

Are there any fees?
Your lender pays your closing costs and Realtor commissions.

What will a short sale do to my credit?
Short sales still have a negative impact on your credit.  However, they have less of an impact than a foreclosure.  The quicker you sell your house, the quicker you can mov eon to rebuilding your credit.  Call us today to see if we can help you.

Where do you do short sales?
We help people with their short sales all over the Louisville, KY area.  We have successfully closed short sales on houses in the East End, the South End, and the West End. We have done short sales in Jefferson County, Bullitt County, Hardin County, and Oldham County, Shepherdsville, Prospect, and many many other areas of Louisville.  We have helped people in $1,000,000 luxury homes, and in $50,000 homes that are in dire need for repairs. We have helped sellers in all price ranges and in between. Please call to see if we can short sale your home and help you solve your real estate problems!

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